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Jokes about Birthdays - 1

Here is our selection of clean jokes and funny stories about birthdays.

What does a baseball pitcher do on his birthday?
He throws a party.

A man asked his wife, "What would you most like for your birthday?"
She said, "I'd really love to be ten again."
On the morning of her birthday, he got her up bright and early and they went to a theme park. He put her on every ride in the park. She staggered out of the theme park five hours later, her head was reeling and her stomach turning. Then they went off to a movie theater and had popcorn, cola and sweets while they watched a cartoon movie. At last she staggered home with her husband and collapsed into bed. Her husband leaned over and asked, "Well, dear, what was it like being ten again?"
One eye opened and she groaned, "Actually, honey, I meant dress size."

The housewife answered a knock on the door and found a total stranger standing on the doorstep. "Excuse me for disturbing you, ma'am," he said politely, "but each morning I pass your house on my way to work, and I've noticed that every day you hit your husband on the head with a loaf of bread."
"That's right."
"Every day you hit him on the head with a loaf of bread, and yet this morning you were beating him with a chocolate cake."
"Well, today is his birthday."

How does Moby Dick like to celebrate his birthday?
He has a whale of a party.



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